Stay in the Game™. No need to leave the court – court grip traction shoe accessory for indoor court sports.

GuardDawg Court Grip Traction™

Lightweight, hygienic accessories for indoor court shoes

GuardDawgLITE™ – Anti-slip, traction control with one Technoslip® insert

GuardDawg™ – Shares similar features as GuardDawgLITE™ but also includes a backside small valuables compartment allowing you to keep your valuables safely secure on your person at all times.  Includes one ID tag and two Technoslip® inserts




  • Anti-slip traction control
  • Moisten and/or clean your court shoes anytime there is a break in play without leaving the court
  • Waterproof small valuables compartment (GuardDawg™ only)
  • Lightweight, flexible contoured fit
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Shoelace knot securing cover
  • Materials are washable and easy to dry

Your needs.  Your choice.  No matter which one you choose, for optimal performance, wear one on each shoe.  Swipe the soles of your shoes across the top of GuardDawg any time there is a break in play to keep them free of dust and dirt. No need for sticky mats, sprays, powders, wet towels on the side of the court, or having to lick your fingers.  A hygienic solution allowing you immediate traction without having to leave the court.

Simple and easy to use! Follow these steps:

  1. Wet Technoslip® insert with water and place into front-side pocket.
  2. Starting from bottom laces, thread GuardDawg™ strap halfway up your laces.
  3. Insert GuardDawg™ strap through horizontal strap on back of GuardDawg™ to secure to your shoe.
  4. Run remainder of GuardDawg™ strap through your upper laces.
  5. Slip loop on end of GuardDawg™ strap over rectangular ring on back of GuardDawg™ to secure in place.
  6. Lift Velcro® flap on front of GuardDawg™ and tie your shoelaces to provide additional security.
  7. Cover your laces with flap and you are ready to go!
  8. Swipe bottom of your other shoe across top of GuardDawg™ to activate!

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The Technology

    • Mesh used is specially designed to hold water in until you press down on to it
    • Durable, porous surface material captures dust and dirt when you swipe your shoe across the mesh
    • The amount of dust or dirt on any court will vary with the environment. With GuardDawg™ anti-slip technology mesh, you control the amount of liquid released to clean your athletic shoes by simply adjusting how hard you press down onto the front of GuardDawg™

    • A self-contained, liquid-dispensing compartment with fluid release control
    • Front pocket is designed like a reservoir to hold in water until you are ready to use it

    • Flexible, semi-rigid stick wrapped in highly absorbent cellulose sponge and microfibre material designed for maximum water retention
    • The amount of pressure you apply to the Technoslip™ insert will determine how much water will be released
    • Ridges on the stick prevent compression buckling when pressure is applied optimizing shoe contact
    • Ridges on surface of the stick push microfibre upward to further optimize shoe contact

Technoslip® Insert

GuardDawg_Sponge_smallSemi-rigid sticks wrapped in super absorbent cellulose sponge and microfiber inserted for use with GuardDawg™ and GuardDawgLITE™

The Technoslips® insert holds the water and also traps the dust and dirt from your shoe when you swipe your foot on it. They are machine washable and easy-to-dry. Replacement sticks are available in our online store!