Outdoor LED sports shoe accessory to improve visibility


A lightweight athletic product featuring 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective safety material and LED light.

The 3M™ Scotchlite™ transparent reflective technology allows the LED light to shine through and light your way!

WatchDawg™ features a four-position LED light: off, fast flash, slow flash, and steady light positions to allow you to customize your lighting options to suit your needs.



Simple and easy to use! Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the WatchDawg strap halfway up starting from the bottom of your laces.
  2. Thread WatchDawg strap through the horizontal strap on the back of WatchDawg to secure the pack to your shoe.
  3. Run the rest of the WatchDawg strap through your upper laces.
  4. Slip loop on end of strap over the rectangular ring on the back of the product to secure in place.
  5. Lift the velcro flap on the front of WatchDawg and tie your shoelaces to provide additional security for the product.
  6. Cover your laces with the flap and you are ready to go!

How to light your WatchDawg™


  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective safety material and LED light for visibility enhancement
  • Waterproof small valuables compartment
  • Lightweight, flexible contoured fit
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Shoelace knot securing cover
  • Materials are washable and easy
    to dry
  • Have it your way: reduce, re-use, recycle or replace
  • Battery not included