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Focus on performance while playing court sports with GuardDawgLITE™GuardDawg™,  or use WatchDawg™ to be seen, or easily carry valuables with PackDawg™ or PuppyDawg™!
In life, to achieve our full potential, we need the support of others.  Likewise, to enhance our individual performance, we need the right equipment.  It is with this in mind that the Tagdawgs® product line was created.

We designed these products for people who are looking for peace of mind, security and safety while they are playing court sports or simply engaging in the activity of life.

GuardDawgLITE™ and GuardDawg™ allow you to get rid of the dust and the dirt from your shoes while never having to leave the court.  WatchDawg™ features a four-position switch LED light that lights up your steps in the dark.  Both PackDawg™ and PuppyDawg™ provide storage options that allow you to take your valuables with you on the go!

We offer unique products to improve performance and provide convenient storage, allowing you to maximize your potential.

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